Future Of Making Full Colour
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Thank you!

It’s a wrap! Big thank you to all participants for helping us make this Unconference great! Special thanks to our Presenting Partner, the Ontario Science Centre, for the amazing venue and to our Community Sponsors the Gorilla Store, HackLabTO, New Toronto Makeshore and SienceiLabs.

Also  Our official Unconference Zine – created and compiled by Sidney Drmay – is available for free download!

What Happened?

The Future Of Making Unconference was a gathering of people from both inside and outside the maker community. Our goal was to figure out what’s happening in the maker movement right now, and what’s coming up. Co-presented by Maker Festival & the Ontario Science Centre, this event was held at the Ontario Science Centre on the weekend of February 1st & 2nd, 2020.

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Why Now?

With changes like the collapse of the World Maker Faires and declining numbers of independent maker spaces, just as many other organizations are enthusiastically adopting the maker ethos, 2019 has become a compelling moment to take stock of the maker movement – our challenges, our successes and our future.


Why An Unconference?

Making sense of the future requires many different perspectives. The unconference format is ideal for eliciting new themes and is in keeping with the do-it-yourself, experimental spirit of making. Our unconference will also aim to be an inclusive, open-minded environment fully supporting all those interested in contributing to the conversation.


The Gorilla Store
HackLab TO
New Toronto Makeshore
Sienci Labs


Maker Festival
Ontario Science Centre